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May 10, 2007 · I've always cut my fret slots with a cheapo coping saw (and dressed the frets with a triangular file I found in the street), and I'll be dead in my cold cold grave before I shell out $60 for a endpin hole reamer, but $20 for the perfect tool for anything wouldn't ruffle my feathers.

I'm in the process to start my first neck build and been thinking about my options for cutting fret slots. I don't have a fret hand saw like many here ... The Guitar Maker's Backsaw for Cutting Fret Slots Aug 20, 2017 ... I used it to cut fret slots in dulcimer and classical guitar fret boards. The saw served me well for several years until I made the mistake of cutting ... 150mm Table Saw Blade For 0,6mm Fret Slots - Rall Guitars & Tools Fret slotting table saw balde for cutting precise fret slots in hard woods like ebony , rosewood and maple etc. Outer diameter 150mm (5,9") 30mm arbor Pin-holes ...

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Cutting fret slots in the perfect location is an important part of making your own guitar. Hell, it might just be the most important…Slotted Fingerboard for Ukulele | stewmac.com…Slotted_Fingerboard_for_Ukulele.htmlEbony and rosewood fingerboards accurately slotted for two of the most popular ukulele scales, soprano and tenor. Can you cut a mirror with an electric saw

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This saw is ideal for cutting fret slots on guitars and related stringed instruments. Cuts on the pull stroke for control and accuracy. This saw's kerf matches that of ...

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How to Fret an Electric Guitar with a Bound Fretboard - Guitar Repair ... Take a fret slot saw like the one shown below (picture coming ... A traditional saw would cut straight through the binding. High Grade Fret Slot Cutting Saw (0.60mm) - Bow River Woods 0.60 mm thick high end Fret slotting saw with cross cut teeth. 120mm long blade, 1.07mm tooth spacing and 180mm handle. High quality, made in Japan. Making the fretboard - Woodgears I tried my Japanese dozuki saw to see if it was suitable for cutting fret slots. I was able to press some scraps of fret into the slot, so I figured the kerf from that saw ... Pax Guitar Fret Saw | Saws - Carbatec